Counselor-at-law , Rafal Dylewski, opened his own practice, located in the Mickiewicz Hights part of Gdansk, in 2001. Counselor Dylewski is a graduate of Gdansk University's faculty of Law and Administration and since 1998 is a member of the District Chapter of Legal Counselors in Gdansk.
In 2004 he completed post-graduate studies at the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School of Administration and Business in Gdynia, specializing in Commercial Law as applied in the European Union. Since his graduation he participated in a number of seminars and conferences on laws governing public-private partnership.

Counselor Dylewski gained expertise in his chosen field while counseling, over a period of several years, in one of the country's major state-owned commercialized companies. His legal advice is now sought by regional administrative authorities as well as by privately-owned businesses. His primary clientele are firms located in the Pomorze region but his office is also becoming known in other parts of Poland and beyond, reaching out to foreign investors.

Our legal office offers help not only to companies but also to private persons, not necessarily engaged in commercial pursuit, who seek professional advice in matters involving civil or administrative law, or who want having their interests represented before courts of law or administrative organs.